What are your shipping needs? We got you covered

Truckload solutions

Over the road, less than truckload, intermodal, cross border, flatbed and more shipping solutions. We transport your goods across the US; get to know us.
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Over the road

From one coast to another, we go the extra mile to move your products timely and in perfect condition. Our fleet and services are bar none!
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Have an extra day lead-time? We make shipping by rail seamless with our planning and execution. Let us show you why we are the preferred choice!
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From one pallet to partials, we make space for them with our Less Than Truckload (LTL) service. Are you having too much damage, ask us how we can help?
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Cross Border

Need an international solution? Let us cross your products & materials from the US and Mexico. Our fleet is CTPAT and crossing daily.

Our way on the highway

Transportation Solutions

Your goods need to be shipped fast, safe, on-time and handled with care. That is what sets us apart! We know that and take it very seriously. We take pride in moving your shipment and managing it like it’s our very own.
Small or large, regional or international, we got you covered. Whether its air, ocean or ground, tell us your shipping needs and we will make sure to provide the solution that your company is looking for.

Overdrive Logistics: We keep you moving!

Logistics Provider

We are a full service transportation & logistics company in the US. Our vision and commitment make us the perfect choice to speed up the distribution process for your company and improve its supply chain.
We receive any type of freight and depending on its complexity, provide the perfect solution to send it properly and on time. We also combine the advantages of technology, customer service and coordination to let you know we are the ones to trust.

What we aim for at Overdrive Logistics

Dedicated Company

Total Quality Management is the backbone of our processes. We work hard to ensure your satisfaction. We seek to “Add Value” to all our customers.
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Increase Productivity

With our team moving your goods, your supply chain will reach new levels of improved sustainable results. See why our customers love us!
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Reduce Costs

Alternatives with our assets and partners shipping OTR, Intermodal & LTL can create the savings you seek to affect your bottom line.
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Safety While in Transit

From “Electronics to Rubber Seals”, you expect your load to be safe. We take every precaution necessary to make that happen. We are the company you can trust.
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Get it On-Time

Receiving it is the goal however, we pride ourselves on making sure your deliveries are always on schedule.

The shipping and delivery you expect and deserve!

Faster and Safer with Overdrive

It doesn’t matter where you need to go, we have the means to get there. Our vehicles meet or exceed the required standards to be out on the road safely and securely. Truckload services demand a great responsibility, with which we’re already acquainted.
The list of materials, loads, shipments, cargo and freight we transport is vast, since we are glad (and ready) to accept the requests we receive. Our flexibility makes us not an alternative, but the precise choice.

Over-the-road, Intermodal, LTL, Cross Border, Equipment Repositioning… We have the transportation & logistics solutions you are looking for!