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Our Logistical Solutions

This is How We Roll!

Overdrive Logistics was founded with the vision to redefine the way logistics solutions are measured. We rely on modern technology, first class partners and highly experienced personnel to provide the service our clients expect and deserve.
We also match our customers’ needs with cost effectiveness, clear and instant visibility and the highest standards in performance in order to provide the best in business agility throughout the entire supply chain and product distribution processes.

Commitment, Solutions and Satisfaction

Experienced Team

At Overdrive Logistics, we are dedicated to managing time and space in order to transport your products. We always comply to the highest standards of customer service, since we strive to perform just as if we’re the customer’s own logistics department.
Hard work, dedication and organization define our daily routine. They are necessary to provide a real solution to your logistics needs. We want you to be satisfied with the service provided; Our years in the field have given us ample experience, knowledge and we have the necessary tools to make it happen.
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Our clients are first

Customer Service

From top to bottom, Overdrive’s staff is one of the most qualified and experienced groups of Logistics Professionals in the business. Trained in the latest tech and equipped with all the necessary tools to support all of our customers’ needs.
We listen to our customers and work with them to find solutions to help create improved sustainable results within their supply chain. We’re always ready to assist you!
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Teaming up to keep it going!

Staff & Partners

The only way to give our customers what they need is by working together. We train our personnel in every necessary detail so they can attend your requirements and meet them. Our partners help us expedite every process; we support our relationship on a trustworthiness foundation that works both ways.
Teamwork is essential to keep a transportation and logistics company running. Open lines of communication are the keys to success. We care about our staff, partners and customers equally. That’s what makes us different from the other companies.

Tell us how we can help!

Let Us Analyze your Needs

By trusting us and working together, we can help create and tell you what the best way is to get your goods going. Whether you’re new at this or have been doing it for a long time, we’ll make sure to provide you with all the necessary information and options, along with quality advice so you can make the best logistics decisions based on your needs.
You’re an expert at what you do; if you share your needs with us, we’ll provide you the solutions you are looking for. Working together will result in an improved supply chain for your company. Let us help you streamline your processes!

Our staff and equipment will meet our customer needs; guaranteed!